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Every client has a different reason for wanting to install solar power, and once OmniTech understands what you would like to achieve from the exercise, the easier it will be to design a system that meets and even exceeds your expectations:

“I want to pay less for electricity. I also think solar offers one of the best returns on investments for my money.”


Grid-tied or grid connected solar is a solar electricity system without batteries. Your home is hooked up to both the national grid and your solar electricity system, so you will always have electricity available at the flick of a switch - from solar power during the day, and from your municipality at night. You can install a solar electricity system of any size and you will only ever be billed if your power consumption is in excess of the amount you are generating.

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3-Phase Grid Tie Inverter
Single Phase Grid Tie Inverter
Crystalline Solar Panels
“I want to create and store my own power for using during peak tariff times.”


The best of all worlds - this system comprises solar power with battery backup and all excess power generated by the solar panels is returned to the grid. Smart inverters can be programmed to use battery power during municipality peak tariff times. In the ultimate hybrid configuration, power can be generated by solar panels, wind turbines, diesel generator or mains, alone or in any combination.

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Hybrid Inverter
Lithium Ion Battery
CIGS Thin Film Solar Panels
“I live in an area with no existing electrical infrastructure. Installing solar will cost less than connecting to the grid!”


For situations where mains power is not available, or the client wishes to become completely independent of the grid. All power is generated by the solar panels; a battery bank stores excess power for use at night or when the sun is not shining. Because the system is your only source of power, many off-grid systems contain multiple charging sources such as solar, wind and generator.

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AGM Gel Battery
Inverter with Built-in-Charger
Crystalline Solar Panels
“I am frustrated by ongoing power failures.”


Plagued by power outages and loadshedding? A battery backup system is the answer! A bank of batteries plus an inverter-charger form the core of a system that is wired into your DB board. While mains power exists, your building draws its load from the grid as per usual, while the inverter sends mains power to the batteries, ensuring they remain fully charged in the event of an emergency. When a power failure occurs, the backup system automatically and instantly (within 15msec) switches over to battery power. When utility power returns, the whole procedure is reversed and the unit will switch back to utility power and will automatically start re-charging the batteries.

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Heavy Duty Inverter
Battery Cabinet
AGM Gel Battery
“I want to protect my sensitive and costly equipment against power surges and lightning strikes.”


A UPS or uninterruptible power supply serves two main purposes: one is to provide back-up power when the power grid fails and the other is to protect the equipment on the output of the UPS from common utility power problems, such as voltage spikes, reduction in input voltage, instability of the mains frequency and harmonic distortion. Omnitech can size, design, supply, install and maintain any size and type of UPS, whether you need a UPS that gives you enough time to cover power fluctuations, sufficient time to let systems shutdown or the ability to withstand longer term power outages.

Before UPS - Distorted sinewave:
After UPS - Clean sinewave:

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Tower and Rack Mounts
10kVA ~ 20kVA | Transformerless
10kVA ~ 120kVA | With Transformer



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OmniTech is a division of Sinetech, a pioneer in the PV solar industry in South Africa. Since 1995, Sinetech has been cementing its reputation for quality products and unsurpassed system performance in the power generation and renewable energy fields. With 20+ years' experience, we are considered industry leaders and the benchmark for excellence in these fields.

Where Sinetech's emphasis is on the sales and distribution of the best-of-breed product via our dealers and partners, OmniTech focuses specifically on providing a suite of services to complement the Sinetech product offering. OmniTech has built up a multi-disciplined team with many years' combined experience, from the engineers through to the project managers and installation teams, ensuring a system that performs as specified and delivers the financial and functional benefits expected.

All system components are selected from Sinetech's product and technology range, to ensure reliability of product supply as well as outcomes that are based on tried and tested product combinations. Each component of every product we stock undergoes rigorous in-house testing to guarantee its performance in our harsh African climate. Due to our reputation in this industry, we have not only been awarded various prestigious agencies over the years, some exclusively, but have also been appointed as the local repair centre for many of the international brands in our stable.

OmniTech is an engineering services organisation with consummate skills in the areas that ensure successful needs analysis, system design, installation, commissioning and the ongoing management and maintenance of the system in conjunction with our partners and dealers. Our objective is to conclude every project with a view to it being a reference site for future customers.